Photo by Ashwini Chaudhary on Unsplash

“A little boy in a Vietnamese immigrant family was learning English. He had
a particular problem with ‘g’s’ and ‘l’s’. On Thanksgiving Day, he attended
church services with his family. After the service he shook my hand and said,
‘Happy Thanksliving!’ Not a bad description of real thanksgiving. When we
are truly thankful, it radically affects our living.”

This devotional story by Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie moved my spirit. Reading it also unleashed a new commitment within me. Beginning today, I want to freely and genuinely express thanksgiving to God, and to the people around me, every
day so I’m truly engaged in “Thanksliving.”

Will you join me? Let’s make this Thanksgiving Day and all the days beyond it
an experience of “thanksliving” and watch how it changes our lives.